15 Services You Can Buy On Fiverr

In this blog I am going to talk about 15 different services you can buy on fiverr that I think are very useful.

1.      Banner Ad Design

You can have people design your banner ads for you. It is very useful for website owners since there is a correlation between how attractive your banner ad looks and how much click it gets.

2.      Photoshop Editing

You can send an average photo of yours, make it photoshoped and use it as your first photo on Tinder.

3.      Social Media Marketing

You can buy social media marketing services that will make the social media accounts of your businesses grow. Services include increasing your likes and followers, managing ad campaigns for you and creating social media content.

4.      SEO

You can buy services that will increase the Google page rank of your website. These services include on-site and off-site optimization, creating backlinks and finding keywords for you.

5.      Video Marketing

You can have people make video marketing with viral Youtube videos for you.


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6.      E-mail Marketing

There are many services that will help you if you have an e-mail marketing business.

7.      Web Traffic

You can have people help you drive traffic to your site with Google Adwords and other means.

You can have people design your CV and your Linkedin profile.

If you do not trust your English that much you can have people proofread and edit your texts.

10.   Soundtrack

You can pay a seller to make a sountrack for your Youtube video or short film.

11.   WordPress

There are services offering to help with WordPress issues like speeding up the website or removing malware or virus.

12.   E-commerce

There are sellers offering to help with their e-commerce knowledge. Services include building your e-commerce store using woocommerce or shopify. There are also services that offer to find you products to sale or boost your sales.

13.   Mobile apps

There are sellers offering to build mobile apps or converting a website to a mobile app

14.   Translation

You can have your texts translated to any language you want.

You can have people dance to your music, do any pranks or challenges you want them to do. There are also sellers offering to make happy birthday video from Donald Trump or offering to have Jesus send you a video from heaven.

There are hundreds of more services that I did not mention. Go to fiverr and find out for yourself.